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1. Dezember 2020
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2. Dezember 2020
Agreement Between Amazon And Sellers

This section of the agreement has not changed, but we would like to give some advice to the sellers to better understand this special section of the contract and ensure that they do not run into similar problems. This is probably a section that won`t really ever be updated. One is that Amazon, instead of having a fee of up to $75,000 per fast-track, limits that amount to $50,000. It will greatly increase costs, where it may or may not be profitable to fetch between $50 and $75,000, you might as well go higher. Amazon`s new contract takes the function of the rule and makes the hearings within 90 days of the arbitrator`s appointment, which literally makes the trial three times longer. This is a fairly standard clause in contracts, but what is interesting is that the law generally applies to both parties, but here Amazon explicitly states that the law applies only to them. Now it`s interesting, and again, it seems unilateral, but positive, our company has seen that Amazon will work with sellers if they are affected by a snowstorm or natural disaster. Usually, for example, if a satisfied seller has a problem with shipping products as soon as they should be during a snowstorm, a well-written action plan will usually work to get Amazon to fix the problem with the seller. These were major themes of action plans if we won a call.

Sometimes you have to go climbing, but we win these things. I think what sellers need to know is that the new BSA opens the door even more openly to Amazon to approach you simply because they succeed. Their use of advertising services (as defined in Amazon`s advertising agreement) is subject to Amazon`s advertising agreement. You accept the Amazon advertising agreement, which can be updated by Amazon from time to time, in accordance with its terms. Amazon`s advertising agreement is available under In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of sale or the programming guidelines and Amazon`s advertising agreement regarding advertising services, Amazon`s advertising agreement is a priority to the extent of the conflict. If Amazon`s advertising agreement is considered illegal, inconclusive or unenforceable for any reason, the terms and conditions of sale govern your access and use of advertising services. As far as paragraph 11 is concerned, therefore, it is a matter of confidentiality and they insert personal data into the object.

They also delete information about Amazon`s transactions. Some are good for sellers, others give us a lot more leeway with respect to action plans. They also exacerbate the flaws we`ve been using against Amazon for years. So they took the trust from the 14 transactions and put it in paragraph 11, where you`re still not supposed to reveal what`s going on between you and Amazon, because Amazon can`t stop you from telling your accountant.