Seller Customer Service Agreement Orea

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Seller Customer Service Agreement Orea

Oh, that`s another thing. Buyers often think that when they use the listing agent as „their“ agent, they can get a lower price because the agent reduces their commission to make the deal. Remember that the contract between the listing agent and the seller, what the listing agent is paid on a commission, is a contract between them, not you. I`ve had offers where I`ve put too much time and money into setting up and photographing and open houses and holding hands to even consider reducing my commission, and I don`t have to. My Commission has nothing to do with you. Emptor Caveat. Read your contracts! The only thing you need to legally sign is the Working With A Realtor agreement, but there are many other different types that offer different levels of protection for you and for your broker. Customers get much better service and protection than customers, but they could also be looking for more payments. You can ask for clarification or change something in your contract at any time… But be sure to confirm before you sign! But let`s say that this scenario happened, „where the buyer signs the customer service agreement – in this case, he doesn`t have to pay a commission and the seller is FSBO who doesn`t want to pay a commission.“ in this case, I assume that intermediation will not be paid!!!!! It`s true! I just need a clarification on my course. He also explains that brokerage represents you as a client and not as a customer. „You can choose to be a client rather than a client, but you need to be aware that brokerage obligations will be different,“ says the Ontario Real Estate Council. I had a friend who bought a house through an agent she met at an open house.

She later discovered that she had paid $40,000 more than a previous buyer, and that the sellers had agreed before the agreement broke. I can only speak in a general way, because I cannot comment on a situation in which you are represented by an officer. If the duration of the agreement is less than six months, it is not necessary to initialize in addition to the six-month clause, since the agreement does not exceed six months. When a buyer enters into another buyer`s replacement contract (BRA) during the holding period, the STANDARD OREA form indicates that the buyer is responsible for the difference between the commission agreed in the first CSR and the commission agreed in the second: but more often than not, the two commissions cancel each other.