Hospital Accountability Agreement Ontario

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9. April 2021
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10. April 2021
Hospital Accountability Agreement Ontario

Service accounting agreements are signed with the Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and establish the agreement for service levels and allow Stevenson State Hospital to continue to provide its wide range of safe and high quality programs and services. The latest Hospital Accounting Agreement (H-SAA) is available below. Hospital sites are required to perform the Hospital Services Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) and the Multi-Sector Services Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) annually with SE-LHIN. These agreements outline the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the performance prospects of the funds made available. Under The Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act, 2004, all hospitals in the province of Ontario are required to sign an annual H-SAA. This H-ASA requires the hospital to achieve balanced budgets, as well as other financial and performance commitments that the hospital has committed to meet. Below, you`ll find links to the Stevenson Memoriale Accords. The London Health Sciences Centre`s Hospital Service Contract (H-SAA) with South West LHIN is available online. The agreement maintains the current level of service and allows LHSC to continue to provide its wide range of clinical programs and quality services to populations in southwestern Ontario and beyond.

Kingston Health Sciences Centre is funded by the South East Local Health Integration Network. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the South East Local Health Integration Network. 2017 – 18 SMH H-SAA Amendment Agreement – Extension until September 30, 2018-10 Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) The Kingston Health Science Centre is funded by the Province of Ontario in accordance with support measures from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Cancer Care Ontario and the South East Local Health Integration Network (SE-LHIN). London Health Sciences Centre`s 2008-2013 Hospital Service Accountability Agreement – Extension until June 30, 2014.