Types Of Concession Agreements

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Types Of Concession Agreements

2.7.14 Shuttle Bus Shuttles Shuttles are generally operated by car rental agencies to transport customers and staff between passenger terminals and the standby/return operation. The contract should determine which unit will operate the bus (i.e. whether it is the car rental operator, the airport or a third party) and also assign loading and storage ranges with exposure and include specifications for all signalling standards. The airport may choose to limit the number of buses to the loading area to minimize traffic congestion. 2.7.15 Staff parking airports may allow car hire staff to park in airport employee-only car parks. Employees who use these lots may need a plate or medallion to access the lot. This pro mission and all related rules should be included in the car rental contract. 2.7.16 Performance security The airport may require a service obligation from the car rental operator. This amount is between 3 and 5 months or up to 100% of the annual MAG.

Excerpts from the IAH Performance Safety Agreement are available under CRP-CD-81 (hereafter referred to as The Annex chapter 2, concession agreements). 2.7.17 Underground Storage Tanks Fuel rental agencies may need fuel tanks in the quick-turnaround area and/or in service centres. The terms of the contract should cover descriptions of tanks, location, vessel, installation, distance, operation and maintenance, leak search and steam recovery. In addition, the contract should require airport approval for the installation of additional fuel tanks. Excerpts from the IAH agreement on the installation, transport and maintenance of tanks are available under CRP-CD-81 (hereafter, annex to Chapter 2, concession agreements). 2.7.18 Environmental protection Car rental agencies consume large quantities of water and paper. Some car rental companies conduct internal audits to improve conservation efforts. Drought conditions affecting different parts of the country may require formal conservation and recycling measures under future agreements. Excerpts from the MWAA car rental agreement are available under CRP-CD-81 (below, below), annex to Chapter 2, concession agreements. Concession Agreements 29 In the United Kingdom, the threshold for concession contracts is USD 4,104,394. Table 9.2.

Key Features of Project Financing Agreements Airport ownership and management models are multiple: many are operated by concessionary companies, with assets held by another organization, usually located in the public sector. State ownership can be implemented at the national/federal, provincial/regional or local/local level. Airport concessions are often forced to develop new facilities; However, the ownership of the latter is entrusted to the granter at the end of the term of the contract.