Standstill Agreement Between India And Pakistan

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8. Oktober 2021
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Standstill Agreement Between India And Pakistan

The two draft contracts were submitted to the Prince`s Chamber on 25 July. A state negotiating committee, composed of ten sovereigns and twelve ministers, was set up to discuss the two agreements. After discussion, the Committee finalised the two draft agreements on 31 July. [3] States that had internal autonomy among the British ceded to the Indian government only three subjects: defence, foreign policy and communication. The states in which administrative powers are exercised by the Crown have signed another instrument of accession which has transferred all residual powers and jurisdictions from the Indian government. The leaders of the states that had intermediate status signed a third type of membership that preserves the degree of power they had among the British. Leaders who agreed to membership obtained several other guarantees, such as their extraterritorial rights. It provided that all existing administrative agreements between the British Crown and the State between the undersigned domination (India or Pakistan) and the Princely State would not be modified until new agreements were concluded. [1] On August 15, the state of Junagadh concluded the instrument of accession and the status quo agreement with Pakistan. It was adopted by Pakistan on 13 September. [5] Junagadh was the only state to declare Pakistan`s membership until August 15.

[6] The Shimla Agreement: The Shimla Agreement was signed in 1972 between India and Pakistan to establish peace between the two countries after the war of independence in Bangladesh. Another line of control has been established between Indian-controlled Kashmir and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. .